• February 237 Earth-like planets discovered orbiting star 39 light-years from Earth

  • February 4Edison takes 2nd place at Fresno County Academic Decathlon

Daniel Clark, Copy Editor
Daniel Clark is an eleventh grader at Edison and the sole copy editor of the Illuminator. He repudiates the label “grammar Nazi” and instead identifies as a syntax authoritarian. As a child, Daniel was epileptic, and it is his belief that the seizures from which he suffered endowed him with preternatural aptitude for spelling and punctuation. In addition to his work for the Illuminator, Daniel is the president of Edison’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), a part of its Academic Decathlon team, and a member of its Know More peer education group. He is a staunch advocate of critical thinking and experiences violent tremors every time someone within a fifty-foot radius of him expresses sincere belief in astrology. After high school, Daniel hopes to attend the University of California, Berkeley and pursue a major in linguistics.  

Daniel Clark, Copy Editor

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