Evani Meza

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Christmas traditions are very special to some families because they spend an enjoyable time with their family members or are fun to do. More specifically they are fun to do because some of the Christmas traditions you can only do in the month of December. Some families gather together every year on Christmas because they don’t get to see each other most of the time because they live far away or are too busy. Getting together, for some families, and making food could just be their only tradition, while other families have more than one tradition and make their traditions big.

Tiffany’s family celebrates on Christmas Day and they wake up at 10:00 a.m. and try to wake up her rest of her family members. While Tiffany’s siblings get ready for the day her mother cooks some pho and other kinds of soups. They gather everyone to open gifts at 12:00 p.m. in the afternoon and when everyone has opened their gifts they begin to eat. The only food Tiffany’s family does is pho and other types of noodle soups and they don’t do desserts because they have no time. After they are done eating what they do is they all hang out in the living room and talk and most of the guys go outside to play basketball. Tiffany likes her Christmas traditions because she likes to spend time with her family. She says that her family doesn’t do big traditions and only sticks with small traditions because they’re easier. Her family just celebrates Christmas day and some celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Lesley’s family traditions are she celebrates Christmas Eve and on Christmas so what her family does is that they do food on Christmas Eve and what’s left over from the night of Christmas eve they eat it the next morning. Her family all gather together around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve to open their gifts and wait till it hits 12:00 a.m. and exchange gifts. One of Leslie’s favorite traditions her family does is they do a Mexican dessert that is called bunuelos that are like sugar donuts. Other desserts her family sometimes does is brownies, cookies, flan, arroz con leche. Leslie says she does likes her family’s traditions and would like to keep doing them. Her family some years decorate their house but not all the years they decorate it. When her family is done eating what they do is talk about the events that happened throughout the year and the experiences her family had.

Christmas traditions could be big or small but the importance of them is having fun and doing them with family. Traditions could be for anyone; for example, a kid’s tradition could be writing their letter every year to Santa on what they want for Christmas. A Christmas tradition you can only do on December is going to Christmas tree lane because it is only an event that they do in the month of December. Putting Christmas lights or decorating your house with Christmas decorations are only a tradition you can do on the month of December. Another tradition people do is listen to Christmas songs the whole month of December or start to decorating after Thanksgiving.