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Winter Activities

Jaidey Lewis Jimenez, Staff Writer

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December is here and that means it is almost time for a new year, Christmas and winter! There are a lot of fun activities that can be done when it is cold. Though there are many people who do not think there is a lot to do during this time besides sit inside and stay warm, there are many things you can do to have a good time.  Here are 20 Activities that you can do with your friends or your boyfriend or girlfriend to have a fun time.

  1. Ice Skating- This is always something fun to do with anyone and it’s always full of laughs.
  2. Read a Book- This weather is perfect to warm up and read a book wherever you are.
  3. Bake Cookies- Baking is always something fun but it is even more fun to do in the winter when you get to eat them warm; invite some friends and have a better time!
  4. Shopping after Christmas- The sales are AMAZING and will save you a lot of money.
  5. Donate- This is something to do with love as you can donate food, toys, or clothes to charities around you.
  6. Decorating- Christmas decorations are always cute and fun and they give a jolly vibe, so why not decorate your house, a tree, or even your room.
  7. Make a gingerbread house- This is a fun and delicious activity to do with literally anyone whether it is kids or friends.
  8. Christmas Tree Lane- This activity might have you really cold but it is worth it when you get to walk and see the pretty christmas decorated houses.
  9. Throw a christmas party or go to one- Whether it is something small or something big getting in the christmas spirit with other is fun.
  10. Winter camping- winter camping is cold but something fun if you set a little campfire and make some s’mores!
  11. Christmas Movie Marathon- Christmas movies are simply amazing, so why not just watch 5 of your favorites in one day or night?
  12. Slumber Party- Slumber parties are always fun, but slumber parties during  christmas time? Even better
  13. Game Night- Call up your friends and play a whole bunch of games anyone can think of. Board games or make something up!
  14. Volunteer to read for kids- Seeing the joy in kids faces when they get to hear their favorite christmas story is great. And good for the soul.
  15. Build a fort in your living room- If you think it is too cold to go outside, stay in and build fort and invite your friends!
  16. Mini Golfing- Mini golfing can be done any day, but the decorations that these places come makes it a little more fun.
  17. Videogame!- You don’t necessarily need to play games about shooting, there are plenty of games that are nothing about that and are fun, specially if you’re competitive and you invite people over.
  18. Go to an arcade- Go out but go in! An arcade sounds like a fun thing to do as there are many things you can do with your friends inside.
  19. Go to the Forestiere Underground Garden- Yes, it is here in Fresno and it is so pretty it’s worth everything.
  20. Spend a day in bed- Nothing better than just staying in bed on a cold day and maybe add some hot chocolate to stay even warmer.


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  1. Marcos on December 7th, 2017 11:19 am

    These activities sound like a good idea with friends.

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Winter Activities