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The Life Of An NBA Basketball Player

Jordan Ray, Staff Writer

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  • Majority of Basketball players use their fame  to raise money for the charities.
  • Basketball players have the advantage of traveling all across the world, and have to experience of being in different types of environments every other night.
  • As their traveling, they’re sleeping in the most luxury beds, and eating five star meals.
  • Every Basketball player the United States is broadcasted on everything from social media to commercials, to reality television. Their popularity rate is beyond high.
  • Their fan base expands to every race and ages.


Fun Fact : Steph Curry, and his team Warriors had a visit at the White House.


  • Professional Basketball players are treated like royalty. Their paid to play a sport that they love. They must condition, so they’re paid to do everything from lifting weights to jumping.  




  • NBA players don’t really have a life outside of basketball, their personal life 
  • Livi
    ng a healthy lifestyle is hard to maintain. It contains a strict diet. They run so much, and need to intake as much as calories as possible. It is important that they eat more nutritional foods.



  • Off season, the players still have to remain on a strict diet plan to make with mild exercises to stay fit.
  • During the season their flying in planes, driving in buses, sleeping in unfamiliar beds, lose sleep, and on top of that they have to continue  to work hard through all the struggles. Many people ask, how can multi-millionaires have struggles?


Interesting Fact : Kevin Durant arrives three hours early at the arena to begin preparation.


  • This game requires a lot of skill development, so you’ll forever find a Basketball player in the gym.
  • They have games every 2 to 3 nights, and muscles ache the next day from the previous game.
  • Exercising for players is like their breakfast. They do up to a minimum of 10 strength workouts per month.
  • Required to lift a portion even on game days. 15 minutes on intervals on the elliptical or treadmill to maintain their conditioning level. It
    ’s like they never get a break.
  • Basketball is their morning, noon, and night. They aren’t friendly for family life. Aren’t able to go outings, trips, or things in that such.
  • There’s a lot of criticism that they experience. Bad images can be built overnight.


Recent Fact : Derrick Rose, player of Cleveland Cavaliers, injured his ankle, November 24,2017 and won’t be back playing until January 2018 or later. 


The Life Of Being An NBA Basketball Player is more than just making millions a year. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s a lifetime lifestyle.



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One Response to “The Life Of An NBA Basketball Player”

  1. Matt on February 20th, 2018 11:23 am

    Interesting listicle. It is important to remember that these people have lives outside of the arena, too.

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The Life Of An NBA Basketball Player