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Edison School Rallies

Jordan Ray, Staff Writer

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The excitement of knowing it’s a rally day, but not just any rally day . . . EDISON’S RALLY DAY !


Edison have pep rallies and rallies! A pep rally is basically a meeting fulfilled with enthusiasm, usually held before a sporting event. A rally on the other hand is, when everyone comes together in unison to show spirit in support of a topic.  This school is fulfilled with students and staff who have wonderful school spirit.


When  it’s rally week so much is going on,  a week full of excitement. Edison stays LIVE!!!


The rallies consist of loud music, crowds of students, colorful balloon arches, hand drawn backdrops created by leadership,  different color lights, poms poms, that all goes with a fascinating theme.


The first rally of 2017 in August was for the seniors, class of 2018.  The theme of this rally was Harry Potter, so each grade had their own customized backdrops that went along with it.

Following picture supplied @ecity_news.


The teachers and staff dressed up as an accessory to the rally. The cheerleaders kept the crowds hyped! Students from the audiences of each grade participate in competitive but really fun games.  An example of a game that is tug-a-war, played between a selective number of students from each grade. It seems to be everyone’s favorite! There were even performances from the dance clubs, and even from some students that volunteered. Edison rallies consist of nothing but FUN!

Homecoming week,  held in October was extremely creative. It was a week fulfilled with dress up days, and live entertainment on the amp! There was a different homecoming skit presented each day of the week by different students from each grade.  As done every year, it just gets better and better!

The rallies didn’t just stop there, Edison students and staff also had a pep rally for the football players home game! You were able to take pictures with the players and the mascot. There was hot chocolate and treats provided since it was morning time.  

By far, I would say Edison puts together the best rallies. I’ve seen different school rallies, from Bullard to Central High, but they don’t compare.Edison, involves the students more when planning rallies and the activities with them, and I feel that, that’s one of the reasons why WE students love them so much.Involving the students’ input of opinion and opportunity on things makes a huge impact on the school’s environment.

Edison rallies are all over social media. Before I came to Edison, I use to see videos of their rallies, and wish to go there.  Now that I do, I love being a tiger. There’s never a dull moment!!



2 Responses to “Edison School Rallies”

  1. Shynia Jones on February 20th, 2018 11:23 am

    I really like this article , Good job way to gather up your information and form it into something so interesting. This article grabs the readers attention and makes them want to come to to an Edison rally .

  2. Kaiyu on September 10th, 2018 2:01 pm

    I like how you created your writing i can feel your enthusiasm just by reading this article i love how you even compared our rallies to other schools that was a smart idea.

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