The Championship run… or Just Runoff From Last Year’s Championship?

Edison's Track Team

Kavan Anderson, Staff Writer

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In past years Edison’s track team has been very dominant, having dozens of athletes making it to several CMAC championships, valley, and state meets. Both the girls and boys have had success winning several of their respective leagues. However, after last years successful season, the team lost some of its key athletes. On the boys side, the team lost seniors Darryl Nelson, Brian Johnson, Shareff Goodwin, Jimmy Grey, Brandy Ezenwugo, Josh Reba, and Mikanen Guevera. On the girls side, the team lost Kristie Baker, Trichelle Burton, I’Man Conley, Tamiya Williams, Sambria Morgan, Luisa Chavez, Erica Calderon, Angelica Mercado, Cierra Camarillo, Lorenia Torres, and Mi’ Angel Shelly. In addition to these seniors they lost, Edison also had Willy Jeanniton and Akeli Conley transfer to their respective schools. Another one of the prospected stars for the track team, Ceariaco Dixon was also rendered ineligible to compete due to an injury he received. (For more information on Ceariaco’s situation see Mrs. Leyba’s story on him.)

In addition to these loses, the team is looking particularly small as they have begun conditioning. While they may not have the same numbers as past years, some athletes they have may surprise you. These athletes include Elijah Isiah, Jalen Harris, Anthony Hodson, Kavan Anderson, Brenden San Mateo, Sam Alcarez, and several freshman boys and girls. The explosiveness may not be as powerful as previous years, but Edison’s track team will still be a force to be reckoned with.

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