Are Open Periods for Seniors Good or Bad?


Josafat Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Open periods for seniors are controversial. It can be seen as a good thing to some students or a bad thing towards others. I surveyed a couple of seniors to see whether or not open periods were bad or not and the result was that it was a positive thing based on the interviews. Although seniors believe it is a positive thing some people have their reasons for it to be a negative thing.

Anthony Garcia, a senior at Edison High School, believes open periods are great in his opinion. An open period allows you to finish homework that’s due the next day because you want your rest, it was too difficult, or too much. For instance, Anthony is currently taking AP Chemistry and that class gives homework daily. With work from other classes adding up, it can be difficult for him to finish his homework especially if you also count after school activities, clubs, and sports.

Silverio Arroyo, a senior at Edison High School, believes that open periods gives you a break from school. It is a time for being able to get back into rhythm and concentrate, especially if you have had a rough day. Open periods overall give you time for rest, homework, and maybe some more sleep if you decide to complete your homework during that same day during your open period.

Although open periods can be a good thing others have disagreed with this case. For example, if you are competing to get into an extremely competitive college, maybe a free period will not help you as much as taking another class to show that you are committed. This could probably be a devastating blow to all that you have worked for if this were the reason. Colleges look for students who are well-rounded and committed to everything.

So open periods have many effects on us teens and it just depends on how we look at it. Either open periods give us time to do homework, rest, and prepare, or they lead us to a slight disadvantage in college because it may seem that others who do not have an open period were more serious and up for challenges in their life. All of these effects can impact your education and future, but as long as you know what you are doing, and you know what is best for you, you will always succeed. So you decide whether open periods are a positive or a negative.