Drugs on Campus

The Drug Epidemic at Edison High School

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Drugs on Campus

Anonymous, Staff Writer

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I’ve been coming to Edison’s campus since 7th grade for my German classes and have been exposed to the scum of the campus. Other schools like Roosevelt have drug sniffing dogs. I have heard rumors that we would have drug sniffing dogs as a regular thing, but have yet to see them, even though it would be a good idea for this school. In the restroom, there are cans of Budweiser, a sign of desperation for alcohol, and bottles of Amsterdam and Ciroc, very cheap vodka, and the 99 cent liquor shot bottles you can buy at a corner store.

There are also some people at school who vape, and touch the devil’s lettuce in the boys restroom which is not only illegal, it’s also a bad idea to smoke at a young age or at any age in general. There have been people who sell drugs on campus and even around campus watching kids as they walk by. I have been offered a “butterfly,” which i’m not even sure what it contains (I assume has a psychedelic in it), by a tall guy in the science building restroom who was dressed very expensively. You can go around the school and ask any inconspicuous looking guy who stands around and asks if you want “trees.” It is really easy for drugs to take over and will soon become a large problem unless we nip this in the bud(pun intended).

Vape pens and the devil’s lettuce have popular times of the year, and occasionally rise and fall in use. There have even been people who walk outside in winter to vape annoying clouds of cotton candy and strawberry.

This school should do something about its drugs in and around campus. It may be hard to control with all the students as every day a small town is formed on campus by the movement of students. It is so easy to bring alcohol, obtain drugs, and become flagitious members of society on this campus, as I occasionally see people high on campus. It would be a good idea to bring in the drug sniffing dogs and clean this school as it is not a place for drugs and alcohol, but a place for education and for futures to be formed.

Here are some sites and examples of the consequences: