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Seriously…. Dress Code?


Crystal Carganilla, Staff Writer

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At Edison, similar to every other high school, has a dress code to obey but I feel that under some circumstances, that it can be biased. It’s understandable of the position that teachers and staff have, where they have to try to discipline their students and at the same time keep a good relationship with them. But do the teachers and staff really understand the position that students hold?

The dress code system at Edison where all students are expected to follow, there are  some students who don’t though. Reasons for that is due to expression of personality and the “Rebellious stage”. The “Rebellious stage”, that a lot of teenagers go through, is when teenagers just don’t care, not even just for a second, about anything and especially rules. The “Rebellious stage” isn’t just not caring, it is ,according to psychologists, a stage in life where a person rebels away from others to find themselves and gain independence. There are two types of rebellions: going against your parents and going against your friends, so it depends on the person. Some will be in the rebellious stage for their whole high school years or just for one year. For me, the rebellious stages were my freshmen and sophomore years. Those were the years, where there was no respect at all coming from me. The years where no respect was given to anyone-meaning my teachers and parents. Also, during my rebellious stage I was always expressing myself and my thoughts courageously, which led to me rebelling against those around me just because I was trying to find myself. And what I have noticed is that those people, who get dress coded at Edison, are the ones who are in the rebellious stage to which expressing yourself occurs. The idea is that -Does Edison not permit actions of expression or not approve of teenager’s natural stages of life?- if so, that is a clear objection from all students.

More information on the Rebellious stage: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/surviving-your-childs-adolescence/200912/rebel-cause-rebellion-in-adolescence


The  importance of how the dress code rule of how having no unnatural colored hair can affect some students in a negative way.  Many students, whom are mostly girls, want to express their individuality with having spontaneous hair colors by dying their hair a vibrant color. The process of dying hair includes permanent decision-making like getting rid of your natural hair color, which sometimes can be nerve racking to some. So with the policy of unnatural hair colors, shown in the picture below, mostly girls have to dye their hair back and it can be damaging physically and emotionally. Students who are forced to dye their hair back to their natural color, from my observations, start to lack confidence because of their hair being not in their likings. Also, dying their hair back because of that dress code policy can damaged their hair leaving their hair even more dead. My point being is that I feel as though that Edison enforces more on hair coloring than the actual main point of dress code which is the clothing.



Some staff members favoritize some students over others and do not enforce the dress code rule, even though it is their responsibility because I have seen it with my own eyes. Many staff are expected to be a role model to their students, but some staff become friends with the students and that messes with the dress code policies.  Staff are easily dress coding those students who they don’t know well, but to those who they know, they aren’t dress coding them. I believe that happens because the staff members have created a bond with that student and does not want to break that bond, so then that causes the action of not dress coding. And if you think about it, that isn’t fair at all. I have a friend who got dress coded for her blue hair, so she had to dye it back to her natural hair color. The bad part was that after my friend told me why she had dyed her hair color, I saw another student who had bright pink hair color. What went through my mind was -how come she didn’t get dress coded? The reason for that was because that student was friends with some of the staff members. Anyone who hears that would imply that- if you are friends with the staff members,  you could get away with not following dress code- which is possible from what I’ve seen. That is why I feel that the dress code system is biased because of the staff members.



3 Responses to “Seriously…. Dress Code?”

  1. Alexis on February 20th, 2018 11:23 am

    it is pretty messed up how some people don’t get dress coded and others do


  2. Kasey Jerkovich on February 20th, 2018 11:34 am

    I agree with so much in this article. Hair color dress code is stupid, especially if the hair is already dyed. But honestly, favoritism is a huge problem.


  3. Jay Romero on February 20th, 2018 11:41 am

    I don’t get how logo’s on hats have to be dress coded


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Seriously…. Dress Code?