Do School Sports Really Take Your Time Away From School?

Guadalupe Galindo, Writer

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People can easily say that sports can affect you from school, and others say it really doesn’t affect you from it. However, I don’t think people think that it can do both.

According to USA Today, High School Sports, Katie Doyle made a survey of students Newspaper class. 60% of students say that playing a sport does have a correlation to their grade and does affect it whether its negatively or positive 40% of the class states that playing a sport has no affect and no correlation with their schoolwork. Some students say that sports teaches them a better time management for the real world.

In my opinion, I really think it can be useful in both ways. For example, let’s say sports helps you separate your stress from home in a relaxing way. It can help you in a way with school because you can do your school work on the bus or in another class where you finished your current classwork or take notes and your work at the same time. However, let’s say everything is going well, but you have a lot of homework to finish for the next day. If your game finishes late, and it’s an away game, you’ll most likely get home late and do other stuff you have to do. Like taking a shower, eating dinner, and probably more things. Once done, they’ll do their homework around midnight and will finish late if it’s a lot. Since it might be a school night, the athlete will get about 3-5 hours of sleep, probably more if they’re lucky.