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Five New Electives to take Next Year

Lizbeth Gutierrez, Writer

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A home for everyone

Edison is full of diversity within its students as well as the courses that are available. A lot of the students that attend Edison are from all over Fresno and some even from Clovis this is a result of the rigorous academic standards and variety of sports  that are offered. Edison offers the most AP classes and holds high standards for those who take it, however there are also great electives to take from race and social justice to taking and art class or theater. Edison has classes for everyone at every level creating a community , a home for everyone. Some new electives were approved for next year and these are the following.

      1.Chicano studies

Chicano studies focuses on chicanos, Latinos, and Mexican Americans. The class will be centered  around the rich history of chicanos , the sociology history and art as well as other key points. This class has not been offered the previous years but it has been approved and it will be available next year. This class is a great class to learn about Chicano culture and heritage.

For more information about the topic here is a link:

https://www.csub.edu/Chicanostudies/noflash.html (Chicano studies)

  1. Woman studies

Women studies is a class built to help empower women through knowledge and understanding. The class is a course that will include sociology, history, literature, and psychology aspects   And how those contributed to the roles, experiences, and achievements of women in society. The class is a great elective for all the students who take interest in women role in society and how it has been affected or will be affected.

For more information on this topic here is a link:

https://thoughtcatalog.com/hilary-watchler/2012/04/5-reasons-you-should-major-in-womens-studies/ (woman studies)

  1. African American studies

African American studies is class devoted to the study of the history, culture, and politics of African Americans.  The class will have a central focus on African American  history, culture, sociology, and religion. This class will be offered next year and it will help expand knowledge of the past and how it still affects the present.

For more information on this topic here is a link:

http://www.encyclopedia.com/social-sciences-and-law/education/education-terms-and-concepts/african-american-studies ( african american studies)

  1. Theater design

If you have a creative  mind then this elective is for you. As the previous electives this is also a new one that has not been offered previous years. Is this elective you will create and design the set up for the theater class. Let creativity be your elective!

  1. Human Anatomy

This class has not been approved yet , but if you take interest in the way the body works and its structure then this class will be a place of discovery for you.

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Five New Electives to take Next Year