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What’s Next for ET Boys Basketball (13-8)?

Omar Dahir, Staff Writer

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    The Edison Tigers boys varsity basketball team(13-8) lost to our  rival Bullard Knights on January 19,  in OT by a score of 89-76. This makes the Tigers 1-2 in their chase for a County Metro Athletic Conference league championship, and 13-8 overall this season.

         This boys teams started out the season rough, going 0-3 in the very beginning of the schedule. They bounced back to 3-3, but then fell to 3-6 soon after. After having a recent interview with one of the players who wished to stay anonymous, “ We lost our third straight game at the Clovis West Nike Invitational tournament in December, and after already having a practice in between two games where we ran for two hour straight because of our lack of focus and execution during games, we told each other that we had to become more determined to win and compete than ever. We began to practice and play harder as a unit, not just as individuals, which led to put us in the spot we were in going into league.” And play harder they did, for the Tigers then went on a 8 game win streak, extending their record to 11-6. During this time they won the Polly Wilhelmsen Invitational tournament, beat Clovis East (70-67), beat Oakland Tech (66-56) and San Leandro (57-54) during the Fresno Showcase Event. It seemed like the Tigers had completely changed the dynamic of their season.

         Unfortunately, the Tigers lost their league opener to the #1 ranked in the Central Valley San Joaquin Memorial Panthers (74-63), making them 0-1 in league and 11-7 overall. A day after, they beat Immanuel (79-76). They then beat Madera South (64-52) in their second league game and began to prepare for the cross town rivalry game against the Bullard Knights. After a long and close game, the Tigers fell to the Knights, making them 1-2 in league and 13-8 overall.

          Many have been asking what is next for the boy’s team and can they bounce back to win the CMAC. Fortunately for them, SJM recently lost to the Sanger Apaches in Sanger, and then three days later, Sanger lost to Madera South, making Bullard the #1 team in CMAC followed by SJM. So for the Tigers, after asking a player by the name of Omar Dahir about what comes next for them, he stated, “ We have no choice but to win out the rest of league for the following weeks. This means beating Sanger at their place this week, beating SJM at our home, and beating Bullard and Madera South both away in order to work our way back up to the top.”

         The Tigers play Madera High on Tuesday 1/23 at Madera, and then face off against Sanger on Friday 1/26. They now are faced with one of the toughest challenges yet, do they rally again to go on a 7 game win streak in league, or do they fail to win and become just another mediocre team.


4 Responses to “What’s Next for ET Boys Basketball (13-8)?”

  1. Michael Wiehl on February 20th, 2018 11:17 am

    Great story Omar!!! I love how you wrote this piece by yourself and how you put lots of hard work into it!!! Good luck to the Tigers. ITTTTSSS GAMMMMEEEEE DAYYYYYYY!!!!

  2. Jordan Ray on February 20th, 2018 11:20 am

    I really enjoyed reading this article, it put me up on game about a lot. I wasn’t aware of the winning streak, but I’m not surprised we have a good team. I wish the tigers the best as they’re slowly ending their season. It was a rough patch, but I do believe that they can pull through, I HAVE FAITH. Win or Lose, they’re still number 1 at our school!!

  3. Joaquin Ayon on February 20th, 2018 11:27 am

    WOW! Running for 2 hours straight?? Man not even the soccer team has done that, we”ll have to see if they can have a great playoff run! Goodluck to the Edison Boys Basketball team.

  4. Bacilio Rubio on February 20th, 2018 11:30 am

    Really liked your article! It was nice that you added a few scores from their games and hopefully they do good in the playoffs.

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What’s Next for ET Boys Basketball (13-8)?