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Trend Setting Tigers: A look into the looks

Fashion Found at EHS

Maggie Chonteco, Freelance Writer

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Google defines fashion as “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress,” but such a broad definition can’t truly capture how diverse and interesting fashion is. Every single person has their own style and a way they express themselves through their clothing. This can be seen anywhere around Edison throughout our students and our staff from Karla Sanchez’s bright clothing to Mr. Davis’ outfits with an accentuating tie.


Seeing this inspired me to write about four specific people with completely different styles and their thoughts on the way they dress and what sets them apart from others.


Karla Sanchez


Karla’s bright colors and fun clothing choices  easily distinguish her from the rest of the crowd. She normally wears bold outfits which perfectly match her personality. She is able to mix retro  and modern styles in order to present a fashion forward outfit. Her makeup looks always accentuate her outfit and she never limits her color palette.



        IG; @Karlaishh   




Victor Munive

Victor had developed his own style since his Freshman year. He leans towards minimalistic and simple outfits that suit his frame    

but that also exert a formal vibe. He is a proud owner of several Lacoste shoes that can always dress up or dress down his outfits. Although Victor has an expensive taste, he works hard to be able  to buy the clothes he likes. His  color palette for his outfits usually consists of Autumn Neutrals.

(In Picture: Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cascade Leather-Sleeve Jacket $349.00; Levi’s Slim Fit Jeans $69.50; Lacoste Ampthill LCR Mid Sneakers $100;  Michael Kors Hoodie $98 Hollister Must-Have Crewneck T-Shirt $10)





Jenelle Carlin

Jenelle has never worn the same outfit twice since the beginning of the year which is an amazing feat in itself since she always looks elegant and trendy. She doesn’t subject herself to a certain style; on some days,

she’s wearing bright colors and a dress and other days she’s donning some Doc Martens with a faux leather jacket which is what makes her style so unique.

She plans her outfits ahead of time  and her clothing combinations never look wrong. She tends to prefer more feminine clothing which really fits her personality. She always accessorizes with bracelets, rings, and nail polish colors to bring her outfit together.




Klay Simmons

Klay’s hair color and his different approach to fashion easily distinguishes him from the rest of the crowd. His outfits always bring to mind the word “aesthetic” since they appeal to to the eye. He dresses comfortably and uses layering to his advantage in order to make his outfits more complex. His style can’t be explained by one trend since his color palette changes every day, ranging from pastels to dark colors. He’s always confident in what he wears which is what makes his outfits work.                                                                     











While talking to the people I interviewed, I realized how everyone’s opinion of Fashion differed from each other. Some viewed it as a type of hobby (spending their free time organizing outfits, shopping online for fun) and others viewed it as an essential part of their life which made them who they are. They are able to express who they are and see fashion as an art. They never limit themselves to a type of trend, and are okay with being different from the rest of the students at Edison. Not only is the Edison campus diverse in culture, it is also diverse in different fashion trends which is only possible because our amazing students and staff. Down below are some questions I asked to the people I interviewed and their answers.


Where do you normally shop?


  • Macy’s and sometimes Hollister -Victor
  • The mall, vintage shops, and occasionally a thrift store or two -Jenelle
  • Forever 21 and thrift shops -Karla
  • Burlington, Ross, Pacsun, and Tilly’s. -Klay



What Outside Factors influence the way you dress?



  • I don’t really take into account outside factors such as weather when choosing an outfit. I do take into account what the occasion asks for, such as formal clothing. Normally during these colder months I dress using my own personal motto: “I’d rather be fashion forward and cold, than wear sweats and be warm” (sweats in public are a fashion faux pas in my book.) -Victor
  • The weather, my mood, what shoes I want to wear, the aesthetic I’m feeling that day, my nail polish color, and my hair style for that day. -Jenelle
  • I usually dress to reflect how I’m feeling. If I feel mad I won’t dress as well as when I’m      Happy. -Karla
  • Typically, the weather. If I check my phone in the morning and I see it’s going to be very cold, I’ll pick out an outfit in which I can layer different articles of clothing to create a complete and warm look. But I guess it does depend on my mood as well, some days I wear a lot of black, while others I choose more vibrant colors. -Klay




Do you have someone whose fashion style inspires you?

  • I believe anyone can serve as an inspiration, but I normally view fashion editorials for inspiration. -Victor
  • Rowan Blanchard, Cara Delevingne, Audrey Hepburn, and Emma Watson. They’re all powerful women with a very unique sense of style that, together, kind of create my overall fashion sense. Rowan is very boho chic, and brings a lot of unique patterns to the table. Cara is more edgy, with a 90s vibe. Audrey is very feminine and elegant. And Emma is this perfect combination of business, chic, and casual. -Jenelle
  • I’m influenced a lot by movie characters and show characters, like the kids from that 70s show. I’m also influenced a lot by unif models and older styles and eras like the 80s and the 90s -Karla
  • Yes, my brother. He has a style I admire, and an eye for fashion. Growing up he’s gone through many phases but his style has matured now, and I think he dresses nicely. It’s sort of a semi formal, yet winter casual style. I sometimes borrow his clothes, when he’s feeling generous. -Klay


Do you plan your outfits the day before or is it completely random each day?

  • I try to at least have an idea on what my outfit for the following day should be, but for the most part I make my decision while getting dressed. -Victor
  • I typically plan my outfits quite elaborately the night before (clothes, shoes, jewelry, hairstyle, and makeup). If my nail polish color is a factor, I tend to plan my outfits for the week over the weekend while I do my nails.-Jenelle
  • It is a bit of both. if I get a new article of clothing I’ll plan around that the day before. -Karla
  • For special events I’ll plan ahead, but for the most part I just choose the morning of. It’s more fun that way, and I feel like it more accurately represents the mood I’m in that day, rather than just picking something out the night before. -Klay

How does your makeup contribute to your look as a whole?

  • I usually try to have my makeup reflect the vibe I’m going for with my outfit (i.e. edgy, elegant, etc.) I also tend to select my eyeshadow and lip colors based on the colors in my outfit. -Jenelle


  • I do my makeup before my clothes, and if I don’t know what I’m going to wear I usually just do a bold colorful eyeliner look. But if I know what I’m wearing I’ll do my makeup to flatter it. Karla

What factors do you consider before you purchase a clothing item?

  • I have two questions every time I consider purchasing an item 1. How do I look wearing the piece? 2. What other garments do I have that compliments the piece I’m considering? -Victor


  • I try to think about the uniqueness of the item (whether or not I already own something like it), if I can make an outfit from it using clothes I already have, if I have shoes and jewelry to go with it, it’s color, the fabric it’s made out of, and the style of the piece. -Jenelle


  • I consider the price, how often I’ll wear it, and how comfortable it is -Karla


  • I consider the price. Buying the most expensive thing doesn’t really matter to me. I want something that looks nice and is comfortable for me to wear, & I don’t care if it’s not a “name brand.” I like what I like, and if it’s cheap, that’s a plus. -Klay


If you went to formal, why did you choose that specific outfit you wore? What do you normally wear to formal occasions?


My dress was a cream color with gold accents, and I chose it largely because of the Grecian/Ancient Rome vibes it gave.. The dress was short, which is good for walking and dancing, but had a sheer overlay, which gave it an additional element of elegance, which I really liked. I paired the dress with gold glittery stilettos, to go with the gold accents of the dress as well as my gold clutch. My jewelry and makeup (eyeshadow) were cream and gold which were chosen to match my dress. Lastly, I opted to wear a mauve pink fur coat as kind of a statement piece over the dress because I knew it would be cold. -Jenelle








I chose my dress because I wanted something more “edgy” and

different than the usual expected formal attire. I like to be my own trendsetter. -Karla

I chose to wear a black suit with a black vest and shirt and a cream colored tie. I wanted my formal look to be sleek and uniform, with a hint of something different which was the cream colored tie. I typically don’t wear all black for formal occasions; I like to mix and match different colored ties, shirts, vests, and coats, but for this year’s formal I wanted to try  

something a little different. I guess it was a more subtle look, but I still felt fancy and nice in it. -Klay




What do you think sets you apart from other people based on your clothing style?

  • I love clean, simplistic, and chic designs. Which equates to no Jordans or True religion items. I make sure my shirt, jacket, jeans, shoes, and belt all compliment one another and provide a unified look. Victor


  • My sense of fashion is relatively unique to me in the sense that there’s no real pattern to my outfits. For example, I can go from looking like an edgy 90s punk one day to a bohemian hippie the next. The inability to definitively categorize my clothing as one or the other creates this unique sense of variety that helps me and my fashion sense to stand out. It’s also worth noting that no two outfits worn in a school year are the same. I mix and match pieces to create unique looks every time so that my outfits don’t repeat. -Jenelle


  • I  personally think everyone’s style is very different, and I think I set myself apart because I wear everything and anything, I love clothes; it’s a way of expressing yourself. -Karla


  • I think my hair is what sets me apart from others. I love to switch up my hair looks, changing them completely each time I dye it. I’ve had orange highlights, blonde highlights, silver hair, blonde hair, and now ginger hair. It’s fun to change up your hair every once in awhile. Life’s too short to have boring hair! -Klay


Do you have any tips or recommendations for people who are considering a different fashion style or a wardrobe change?

Take risks! No fashion icon was praised for playing it safe. Keep on trying new pieces and eventually you’ll find what works for you and your personal aesthetic. Also keep in mind that confidence is key. If you feel on top of the world with your new dress or jacket you shouldn’t let anyone take that from you. Fashion is subjective and you’ll never please everyone’s standards, but as long as you’re feeling yourself in your outfit then nothing else matters. -Victor


In attempting to expand your wardrobe, the number one thing is to branch out. Look for pieces that are unique and a little out of your comfort zone (either in terms of color or style or even just the piece in general (like a leather jacket instead of a cardigan)). When I first started expanding my wardrobe, I would try and think about how I could style these really unique (and quite frankly, bold) pieces I was buying, which allowed me to morph them into my daily aesthetic. Start with baby steps, and eventually you’ll notice you’ve progressively adjusted your wardrobe to fit the new look you’re going for. -Jenelle


Start little by little and work your way to wearing what you feel comfortable in. –Karla

I would say be bold. Dying my hair completely silver was definitely a bold choice, but it felt empowering. That feeling that you’re different from everyone else is scary, but cool. It gives you an edge, and it allows you to express yourself in a unique way. Wear what makes you comfortable, but I’d  also suggest to try stepping out of your comfort zone every once in awhile, you might really feel a positive change in your self-esteem. -Klay

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