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Are Edison’s Students Going to college?

Jesus Sandoval, Staff writer

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Now more than ever, public schools are emphasizing the importance of college education to their students. High schools throughout the nation are putting forth their best effort in order to get students into higher education. They offer as many AP classes as they , they hold workshops for FAFSA and college essays, and their counselors work relentlessly to help facilitate the college application process for students.

But just how much is this push working? In particular, how much of an impact is it having here at Edison High School? That is what we are going to discuss with the study in this article. Are Edison’s students going to college, or are they exploring other post-high school plans?

I began my quest to find out the answer to these questions by conducting a study. Through a cluster random sample, in which every classroom at Edison served as a cluster, I selected one classroom at random from Edison High School.  I then surveyed every single student in that classroom. The question in the survey was simple: “What are your plans after school?” I provided five options for the students to choose from: college, work, military, trade school, other, or undecided. Here are those results:

As the graph shows, the overwhelming majority (78.6%) of students in the class are planning to attend college. The next closest option is work at 7.1%, while the other four options were equally selected at 3.6%. From this sample, we can see that Edison’s students do indeed plan on attending college. In fact, the proportion of students that plan to attend college is higher than the proportion of all other options combined.

While this is only a sample of 28 students, it is a good indicator of the school’s plan. Such a high percentage of students planning to go to college shows that the work of the school in trying to get its students to college has been quite effective. Admittedly, the study was fairly limited. A cluster random sample, while quick and easy, is not the most representative of the population and is prone to sampling error. So, when it comes down to it, this study does not guarantee that most of the students at Edison’s students are going to college. Regardless, it is still a piece of useful information that provides some insight on the post-high school plans of Edison students.  


If you would like to look more into the school to college pipeline outside of Edison, and other routes students in the nation are taking after high school, you can read these articles!




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Are Edison’s Students Going to college?