Goals After Freshmen Year

Success as a Sophomore

Jay Romero, Staff Writer

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My goals for Edison High School is to pass this year and try harder next year. This year has been pretty rough, but I know I could make it through the hard times. I believe next year I could make things better like, get a better GPA  and probably make the basketball team. This year I couldn’t make the basketball team because I didn’t know where to go and how to be eligible. I plan to not make these mistakes again and to not slack off next year so I could actually make my parents proud.

My next goal is to somewhat get passed my challenges in life. For example, my rib injuries have been hurting a lot lately but I could easily work it off to the point I won’t feel the pain as much. Another example is my back problems. On May 20, 2018, I saw the doctor, and he told me to get my x-rays. The next day I went to San Joaquin Valley hospital to get my check ups for my back. After he checked me off, I have to wait to see about my results. I hope I could get passed these challenges so I could succeed in life and not let silly obstacles like these bypass me.

My final goal is to just have a good time here at Edison High, even though my grades are somewhat bad I believe in these last 2 weeks I could get my grades up to a C. I have what my English teacher calls a “Growth Mindset”. A Growth Mindset is basically believing that you or a person can achieve goals and to bypass obstacles.

I believe anyone can pass their obstacles and to get through their goals because that’s what makes us human. People are always going to have challenges in life, and it’s okay to not complete them, but what matters more is if they get back up and keep fighting. That’s what makes me a Tiger and that’s what makes Edison Tigers too, because Edison Tigers never give up!