A Freshmen’s Expectations vs Reality   

Ocean Sonephady, Staff Writer

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How many of your expectations for high school were true?  Many people believe their expectations weren’t anything like their reality ! Just as seen in movie scenes, many Freshmen expect their first high school year to become those scenes … which is often never true. Our expectations are far from reaching the reality of high school . Did you have this experience your Freshman year ?

Many movies or shows are based on School experiences , or similar to the idea of High School . Some films are ‘ Diary of a Wimpy Kid ‘ , ‘ Degrassi ‘ , and many more . They mainly involve bullying , social media , or coming of age . Which are big subjects teens have expectations for .

Bullying has been one of the largest teen expectations in high school , just like Diary of a Wimpy Kid . Although it was a middle school film, it gives examples of how students think before being a Freshman in high school . Greg was often bullied at school by kids like ‘ Nasty Pants ‘ or  ‘Billy Staples.’ Just as Greg said, “ Like I said , I’ll be famous one day, but for now I’m stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons.”  Which shows he’s aiming for ‘ranks’ as in being popular for one of his goals .

The television show “Degrassi” has been very popular these past years . It’s a show involving high school and the bumps while trying to go through it . Social Media took a big role in this show . A scene from the show was #IRegretNothing , when Lola had got an abortion it later got out to everyone at her school . She cleared everything that was told on her vlog with , “ There’s so many things I wanna do i high school and being a mom is not one of them . It might not be everyone’s choice , but it was mine and I’m not ashamed . “ That scene deals with social media , Lola quickly stop the situation from going far beyond the line . In high school , social media can be your friend or enemy .

All these examples show that in high school there are many expectations but some things aren’t expected . Also many of these expectations don’t become true , it could go both ways . You should enjoy your school year while you can and always be positive . If you ever see anything that is obviously not right, you can tell an adult! Expectations are expectations because they may not be true , so don’t be afraid to have them .