The Clown Fiesta That is the Trump Presidency

Diego Luna, Staff Writer

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As many of you know, the Trump presidency hasn’t exactly been perfect. It seems like Trump is being criticized or or called out for his behavior almost everyday, which is for a reason. He has displayed his unprofessional side on multiple occasions, and is involved in more than his fair share of scandals. Speaking of which, it seems like people are much more lenient on scandals today than they were in the past. People cried foul when Bill Clinton was having an affair, but some of those same people are staying silent for Trump. It’s an interesting thing to think about. If you haven’t already noticed, this article is going to discuss all of the crazy and controversial events that are related to the Trump presidency. So without further ado, let’s get into this clown fiesta.

The most prominent controversy surrounding Trump right now is the Stormy Daniels affair. If you are in the dark, Trump allegedly hooked up with Daniels years ago, and gaver her hush money to make sure she would never tell anyone. She eventually let the whole world know what happened between them, and it isn’t pretty. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend you do your own research since this can be a whole article on its own. One of Trump’s more recent blunders is his Fox and Friends interview where he is literally screaming at the hosts and venting his problems to them. I highly recommend you watch the interview, it’s both hilarious and depressing. Trump as also started an unnecessary feud with North Korea over Twitter, but that quarrel has seemed to have passed. Let’s hope it stayed that way since North and South Korea seemed to have made up with each other. A really big controversy Trump had to face was the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. He was one of the few people that didn’t completely suck up to Trump, and got axed because of it. Trump’s ban of transgender soldiers from the US military was both a head-turner and head-scratcher, seeing as how this came out of nowhere. As you can see, Trump has had to deal with his fair share of controversies. He’s far from perfect, but hasn’t completely run this country into the ground. Let’s hope for Trump to do better in the future.