Alexis Vasquez, Staff Writer

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Edison High School has done a lot for many of the students here. It seems that there is always something every student can enjoy. Now whether that means making friends, having good teachers, or having a favorite class. I think everyone can agree that Edison has something special about it. I for one believe that edison is unique when it comes to the students. Everyone is different but isn’t treated different. I had asked from some others and got a range of answers such as the activities we do here, or the teachers we have. It is true that all of that makes Edison unique, but what else could make our school special. When I first thought of this writing piece, thought about just doing interviews to see what people think. Then half way through this I thought that instead, why not try to not our campus better and more special. Maybe you think we should sell certain things on campus. Maybe you want to have a bigger part of the choices made on campus. If so then why not bring attention to that. There is always room to grow, right?

The only problem would be trying to get the school to listen to us. I feel our school needs to have a little bit more student involvement. I mean maybe kids to don’t want to be involved, but if you were here for four years here wouldn’t you want to enjoy it. A lot of kids gets stressed from school work and test, so how about we have something here at school that makes it less stressful. Stuff like that could make our campus more enjoyable. How about better relationships when it comes to the teachers and students, or better communication between students. Those kinds of changes could make Edison High better. I don’t want people to feel like I don’t like how our school is because I think it’s great. Believe it or not I like high school more than any other grade i’ve been in. That could change in years to come, but for right now i’m enjoying the year.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one, but I do wish some things were different. So let’s make things different!