Jakob Conrad, Staff Writer

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This month of May is the last month I will be at Edison. My name is Jakob Conrad, and as I said, this is my senior year at edison high school. Most of my fellow students don’t know me; the same with a lot of the staff here. I’m not unhappy about that, I’m a pretty private person and I am not exactly “Mr. Friendly”. You may find it odd that, after that beautiful sentiment, I am writing a Farewell to a school I really am not that attached to.  At any rate, I have some parting words for those who were my friends, and those who will be at this school for another 2 or 3 years after my graduation.


To my Junior friends Zeke, Marcos, Josafat, Edgar, and anyone else I am forgetting; Focus on your grades, and don’t goof off like I did. I’m kidding. Take time to goof off, it’s important for your mental health. If you don’t, this place breaks your will. Just stop playing that stupid Paper.io game. To the members of the Card game club, of which I am Vice President, please do your best to keep the club going after  Anthony and I leave. It’d be nice to hear that the Edison card games club is still going when we are in college.

To anyone else who reads this, I would like to say goodbye, have a good life, all that good stuff. I know I will.