My Freshmen Year and Goals for Sophomore Year

Julio Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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My name is Julio Gonzales, I am thinking about my experiences as a freshman and goals for sophomore next year because I want to improve and be somebody. When I started my freshman year, it was really confusing; my classrooms were far apart from each other, and the time was different from what it was at middle school. Within that month, I got use to high school life. I was able to work hard, but it was much harder for me because it takes a while for me to process the information that I am learning. So this is my Freshman experience and Sophomore goals.

During the two months since I started high school, I have gotten a little use to it and I wanted to join a club, although I had a lot of work I needed to do. Then I joined a gaming club that plays games during lunch and it was a lot of fun. We would play different games and would discuss sometimes what were the pros and cons about it. Throughout the months it was sometimes hard to focus on my work due to family issues. The difficulties that I had with all of my classes was that it was at a faster pace; I didn’t really understand sometimes what they were talking about. I would have some days where I would be tired because I would try to finish work that was for the next day although  by the end of the year, I hope I can finish strong.

The goals that I have set for myself is to try to obtain exceptional grades, so that I am able to do fun activities. One of my goals is to actually achieve a 3.80 GPA because I want to at least be close to a 4.00 GPA. My second goal is to join golf and cross country because I never got the chance to join a sport this year. My final goal is to push myself until I’m able to reach my goal. Although these goals for next year might be too simple, I hope that I will do well in my sophomore year in 2019.

Although my first impression of Edison High School was that it was a bad school and that it was where all delinquents went just to make trouble, my impression of the school was dramatically wrong and was a really harsh. Furthermore once I was able to get to attend, my impression changed, and I got to meet good teachers and people. Most of the people that I met became good friends. I have got to get along some of the teachers to where I am able to talk to them almost about every topic.

So I made a lot of mistakes that had made as a freshman that me feel ashamed. So once I was able to get familiar with the schedule, the teachers, some of the staff, and the people that became my friends I was able to see that the school wasn’t really bad. Then I started to focus on my work that was hard for me and tried my best on my tests that were given. Although it was hard for me because of some challenges, I was able to enjoy myself at Edison High School. Furthermore I am glad I was able to come to this high school and would recommend it for future high schoolers.