Senior Reflection

Silverio Arroyo, Staff Writer

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I have been on Edison campus for the last four years with an extra 2 years before thanks to my German classes being on Edison’s campus meaning each day I would walk from Edison Computech to Edison High School for one period which was out of sync with Edison High’s schedule. I had a pretty good experience at Edison, I was here for the last 6 years of Herr Roesch’s career as the German teacher and was lucky enough to get Mr. Sangha for Chemistry, who is without a doubt the most spontaneous and fun teacher ever. Before Edison, I had never been to a school with classes on the second floor, and was excited the first time I did, then it went away quickly. I enjoyed Edison and all its diversity, and thanks to the experiences in living in the 93702 area code(known for being a dangerous area in Fresno), Edison seemed really nice. I had much much lower expectations for Edison, and was surprised when it turned out to be alot better than thought.

Of all the teachers still here, Mr Davis stood out the most for being fun and informative. Mr. Davis would sing the Friday song, have words of the day, and tell 3 jokes each morning. He is also very good at teaching English and Literature. I was lucky enough to have him 2 years in a row, since I like consistency and don’t like having to learn how other teachers work. Mrs. Simons is without a doubt my favorite math teacher. I went in to Calculus AB thinking it would be a lot harder than it would be, but Mrs. Simmons was able to make the lessons very direct and simple to understand, and of all the math classes I have taken, AP Calculus AB has been the easiest and most fun for me, as like Mr. Davis, Mrs. Simmons is very consistent in the way she teaches. I liked calculus so much, it helped decide which major I want. I am going to major in Civil Engineering, and/or Electrical Engineering since math has been my strong suit.

The food was decent. I can’t complain since we come to school for education and not the food.

Most of the friends I made over in Computech carried over into Edison, and Edison helped introduce me to more people, and you don’t realize how many people you know until you walk around and hear people say high as you walk from class to class. I am lucky enough to have a couple of my friends from the class of 2018 to go to the same college as me, Fresno State. I did have a incident with trying to choose a pathway, as all of the 8th graders in Herr Roesche’s first period didnt choose a pathway as we didnt get those papers to decide to the right class. Some of those 8th graders decided to jump into a pathway late, but I decided not to take one at all.

I would say Edison gives a very well rounded experience to its students. I was sad when I found out there wasn’t any more woodshop, metal shop, or auto mechanics classes anymore. Mechanics shop and wood shop would be a very useful skill to teach future generations, but Edison did have free Drivers Ed. classes which was nice and also counted for 2.5 credits. I have heard from my cousins in other counties and states, that they do not offer drivers Ed. or if they do, they have to pay for it. I am telling my younger cousins, assuming they get into Computech, that they should go into Edison.