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Ode to my Friend

A Poem in Three Parts

Alexis Vasquez, Staff Writer

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“To My Friend”

Part 1


How can I not love you,

You have been there from the start,

You’re an all around great person

You’re graduating early because of how intelligent you are,

Your bleach blonde hair contrasts with your green eyes and it’s beautiful


You never brag

You’re quiet

Keep to yourself and proud

Proud of who you are and i wish i could do that

I wish I could be as breathtaking as you


One thing I don’t understand is how you don’t see it

In your eyes your as dull as a clear night sky

One that’s missing its stars

I ask myself if thats why we’re friends,

Because I think I can make it better for you,

But that’s not true

We are friends because you make me believe in myself

And for that I worship you

For that I thank you my friend

“To My Friend”

Part 2


My dear friend we are here again

I am here staring at you as you cry on the floor

This seems to happen regularly now

You keep saying it will get better and for a short time

I had believed you

But as time went on it got worse

You cried more

You spoke less

You ate less

You slept more

I didn’t know what happened until it was too late

Until you had passed

Until I was crying hysterically on the floor

Im sorry my friend that I wasn’t there

I’m sorry I couldn’t save you


“To My Friend”

Part 3


It’s dark here

In my mind

Without you

Without your laugh

And your smile

I feel selfish

I want to keep you alive but

I know that’s not what you want

Does that make me selfish

Maybe it does

I sometimes wonder if you miss me

If your soul is still alive somewhere

And if you wish you hadn’t done it

If maybe you wish that the pills

Weren’t in the cabinet

Sadly if that was the case

You would still be alive


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Ode to my Friend