California’s Drought

Marcos Atrisco, Staff Writer

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What is a drought?

A drought is when water starts to decline. How does water decline? Water declines (dries up) when a piece of land with water nearby ends up being used too much (Image below). This causes the earth to harden up and causes a crack where water once was.


What are the impacts of droughts?

When the water in California starts to dry up, it affects the environment around the areas that have a body of water such as lakes, rivers and a pond. There are over 20 native fish in California according California Fish Species( ) so when the water dries up, the fish population starts to decrease causing the whole water habitat to go out of order. So the wildlife won’t have any food or water so they would start to die off too. So what does this mean? It means other fish that depend on the fish population are also declining because of starvation. Why should we care? When fish dies the economy decides to boost up the price of seafood per pound because there is not enough fish being produce by fishers. And that’s impact number 2, economy.

Economy also gets messed up when there is a drought. Farmers always depend on water to grow crops because it’s what keeps them from going out of business and supporting their family. When a farmer can’t grow a certain crop that a food processing company wants, the farmer would have to decline on the offer causing him to lose profit because there may not be enough water inorder produce the amount of food the company needs. Why should we care we’re not farmers? Although we may not be farmers, it still impacts the stores we shop at to buy our groceries. The economy once again would have to boost up the price on produce and other food we usually buy for our meals. Once the price increases there would be people who would say, “Wow… since when is milk $5 it was $2.99 last week.” If this is you, don’t worry the price of milk would go down once the drought has passed and farmers can start growing food.

How can we as a community prevent a Drought?

We need to prevent water so we don’t have to pay a ridiculous amount of money on groceries. How can we do that? It’s simple when watering your lawn, don’t water it daily just have a schedule to water it such as; every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Another possibility is don’t take a hour on showering. Some companies that produce shampoo and conditioner have a small label on the back of the bottle to help give you tips on how you can preserve water while showering.

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