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Edison Cross-country Team

David Mercado, Staff Writer

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X-Country training has already been in session for months over the summer although school has only been in session for 3 weeks. X-Country runners have been conditioning for their excruciating races. Most races consisting of 3.1 miles with a few throughout the season consisting of only 2 miles. Most runners have already experienced what it is like to run in a high school meet and know that it is not easy or much fun but more on the competitive side to get ahead of the 100+ runners in the race all competing to get in front and finish the race through the same course. Most courses consist of a dirt road with plenty of hills that must be passed to finish the race such as seen at Woodward park which is where most meets take place. Overall X-country is an exhausting sport and even a mental sport since it convinces you that you can always do more than what you expect.