Memories at School

Kaiyu Yang, Staff Writer

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Edison High School is an incredible school with so many amazing memories. There are so many memories from students from amazing times to horrible memories.

So many people have memories of Edison, for example, Madeline Fischer her favorite memory of Edison High School was winning first place in Academic Decathalon. It was an amazing experience for her coming in first place she was asked, “What was so good about it?” She replied back with, “It was an amazing experience I got to spend an incredible moment with the people I care about.” Edison High School has a lot of trash talk about this school, but this school isn’t like that in any way. The school tries it’s best to bring the best out of all the students and give us incredible high school memories and bring us happiness.


Brooklyn Ward, a Sophomore, says her favourite memory is the health fair she said, “I got to research and present and we got an a we also got to talk business people”. Dalton Layne, a junior, says his favorite memory of Edison is water polo. He says, “Water polo it’s really fun”. Will Dau, also a junior, says, “Sophomore formal was fun and the football games are incredibly fun.”


Memories are made at Edison. We are the tigers guided by our teachers to be better than who we already are. Memories made at Edison last a lifetime.