Top 5 Indie Bands You Should Listen To Now

Zxavyan Santaella, Staff Writer

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Imagine this: it’s around the end of Summer. Your playlist is feeling a bit worn. You want to listen to something different, a little more underground? It’s no phenomenon that Indie bands have been around for a long time. Indie bands show actual artistic creativity. These bands use their significant talents to make their own signature style. This the Top 5 Indie Bands You Should Listen to.

What do you get when you mix synth pop, electronic, and 80’s post punk? You get a band who sounds iconic, Vinyl Theatre. Vinyl Theatre’s music stands out as big booming but also soft and melodic. Songs like “Breaking Up My Bones” and “If You Say So” show their fun and energetic side. While songs like “30 Seconds” and “Rhythm of the Night” show the band’s more melodic style. All in all, an amazing band with amazing style.

Soft or loud. Love songs or breakup songs this band does them both well. HUNNY is a band with a postpunk tinged pop feel that’s inspired by Prince and The Cure. Songs like “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)” and “Hard to Believe” show the bands great 80s sound, while the songs like “Televised” and “Shy” show offer chill contrasts to their upbeat songs. The Bands name is as sweat as their music.

Folk music has always sounded a little weird. However, Grizfolk, a band with a cool name, has made folk cool. Mixing folk, pop, and electronic music, the band has been able to make their own style. The song “Troublemaker” shows how significant their style is. Other songs like “Into the Barrens”, “The Struggle”, and “Wide Awake” just show how dynamic they are.

Using synth heavy, anthemic dance rock, Night Riots is a band out of California that make Brendon Urie sound like a choir boy. Using their love for the 80s they’ve created songs that have a great mixture and blend. Their song “Follow You” sounds like a creep following a girl but, it’s a well written love song with good steamy elements. Their song “Contagious” shows how anthemic they can be while also providing great lyrical delivery. Another song by the name of “Nothing Personal” just shows how dope their music can be.

This band so far has 2 albums out, and all the songs are amazing. Bad Suns will be topping off this list. Using their love for 80’s post punk and Elvis they’ve been able to bring both energetic and calm and relaxing songs to the table. “Sleep Paralysis” is a dark and grim song with an eerie piano in the background. “Patience” is one of their best songs off the album “Disappear Here” (The song “Disappear Hear” is pretty good to). “Patience” gives you a great up-beat song with rad guitar riffs. “Daft Pretty Boys” and “Dancing on Quicksand” both show their fun style by using great percussion, cool base, great vocals, and rad guitars courtesy of Christo Bowman, Miles Morris, Ray Libby, and Gavin Bennett.