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Murder Case: 1 

Part 1

Karon Williams, Staff Writer

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Chief: ok Detective Conan here’s your case 

*hands me the folder* 

Me: ok…hmm…ok chief I’ll get to work chief  

*chief leaves the room* 

Me: ok then here’s the rundown. Maria Francesca, age 24, was killed in the mansion on 54th street. Her parents say she was there to set up for the daughter of the mansions sleep over. Oh, and she was the only one there. As the best friend of the owner. it makes sense that she was the only one. There were no cameras and no witnesses. The only lead we have is a trail of blood leading to the basement door. and it ends right in front of the door. She was ripped apart limb by limb and didn’t have much of her body at the scene. Pretty gruesome.  she had no children or other partners. She only had her parents. The break in was obvious since the window was broken. A break in? No that can’t be it no one would be dumb enough to climb a broken window. So how did the killer enter. I’ll think on it later. The body was found after the family came back from shopping. The daughter is to traumatize to speak. Poor girl. There were no finger prints. Probably had gloves. So, it was planned. And this wasn’t just any amateur. Is that all? Not much to go off. Oh well. They don’t call, me the best for nothing. So, I guess tomorrow morning I’ll go talk to the mother of the mansion. 

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Murder Case: 1