Will Dau, Staff Writer

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Almost 18 years ago the world shook as the largest terrorist attack in American history took place. On a beautiful Tuesday morning at 8:45 the first Boeing 767 struck the north tower causing mass panic and confusion. Dazed and confused watchers think it must have been some freak accident. Broadcast live on the news, Americans everywhere watch in shear tear as another plane flies into the south tower. Evacuations begin almost immediately but for many it’s too late. All passengers are killed aboard both plains. In the north tower no one above the impact survived. The south tower had been mostly evacuated but only four people above the impact site survived. The ones trapped by debris, dust and smoke were stuck helpless to accept their fate. Some decided not to die trapped in a building and jumped hundreds of feet onto pavement or other rooftops. People looking up were mortified to see people flatten against the sidewalk. For many this probably made it so much more real and no doubt lead to PTSD for many. Two more planes were hijacked one crashing into the Pentagon killing 125 and the other plane was taken back by the passengers and they crash landed it safely in Pennsylvania. All people aboard both planes died. This was an event that reached every American on a deep level. Never before had we been touched on this scale on our own soil. It was a surreal experience which changed many forever.

The 9-1-1 attacks had lasting effects on worldwide security. The patriot act was soon after initiated giving the government significant power over the individual citizen and. TSA set regulations in airports across america. Knife bans luggage size restrictions and many other seemingly heinous laws were passed to secure our airlines. Today regulations on airlines are beginning to lax but im sure it wouldn’t take much to have them changed yet again.

In memory of the attacks two pillars were erected in wake of the twin towers. The entire World Trade Center complex has been made into a memorial recognizing those lost in the attacks. The memory of our darkest hours will be forever present in the back of our minds. As it should be as a reminder of what happened and what might be to come