Why do so many People on Edison High school play Paradise?

Eduardo Sagrero, Staff Writer

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Paradise is a card game that many people in Edison have learned to play with their

friends and family.The rules of the game are really Simple: every player receives 3 cards

face down and 3 cards face up on top of those 3 face down cards then, another 3 cards

for your hand. The point of the game is to run out of cards as quick as possible, like

like Uno.


Cards with a 2, 7, or 10 are “Special cards” a 2 is a “Reset” which basically lets

you place another card into the pile and following up from there. A 7 is a “Mirror”, what

this card does is that it turns itself into the previous card that was placed.Finally, a 10, a

10 is a “Bomb” which gets rid of the card pile and lets you place a new card.From there

on it’s easy just keep putting down cards, place cards that are the same or higher than

the last one placed on the pile.If you don’t have any cards in your hand you have to pick

up the pile of cards.Also,you must always have 3 cards in your hands and you keep 3

cards in your hand until there are no more cards to pick up.


With that said you can kick off the game!But, Why do people play this game? What makes it so special?Where did

it come from?  This Card game really doesn’t have an origin, No one knows where it came from or who

started the trend. All we know is that someone taught it to someone and shared it with

the world.There’s no explanation that I’ve found on the internet. Nothing has come up

about the origin of Paradise.


But, what makes this game special? Could it be the fact that we bond with friends and

family when we play this game? Or maybe it’s because we make new friends after the

game…Maybe it’s both.Whatever it is People seem to enjoy it whenever they play.Why

do people play this game? Some people play this game to pass the time, others play for

fun. Some even play to settle a score between a rival or a friend.Cards that you get

depend on your luck or in some cases, depends on who’s shuffling.I guess that explains

why so many people play Paradise