Fortnite Fall Skirmish

Saeed Amer, Staff Writer

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With the start of fall comes the start of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish, and Epic Games has announced that they are giving out $10,000,000 in 6 weeks. If you don’t know what the Fall Skirmish is, it is an event where Epic Games pulls together a ton of pros, streamers, and fortnite personalities, and hosts a new challenge every week where you can win up to $50,000 and everyone in the top 20 gets some money. This is very similar to the Fortnite Summer Skirmish, but faster, with more players, and the new team concept. What they decided to do this season was split up all the players into 5 different teams and add up all of their points throughout the weeks.Then players will get a really big payout at the end. First place gets $1.5 million split evenly between the members, second place gets $1 million, third place gets $750,000, fourth place gets $500,000, and finally fifth place gets $250,000. Twitch streamer FaZe NateHill has been caught cheating live on stream, and him and his teammate FunkBomb have been officially banned from the rest of the event. Week 2 also came to a very surprising end that resulted in fortnite pro and top streamer FaZe Tfue winning while sick. He even threw up waiting in the lobby.

Here are the rules and standings for Week 1:

  • Victory Royale: Three Points
  • Second/Third: Two Points
  • Fourth/Fifth: One Point
  • Seven or more Elims: Three Points
  • Five or six Elims: Two Points
  • Three or four Elims: One Point
  • Victory Royale and seven or more Eliminations: One Point and $10,000
  • Most Eliminations per match: $10,000


Week 2 rules and standings:

  • Victory Royale: Three Points
  • 2nd-3rd Place: Two Points
  • 4th-5th Place: One Point
  • 7+ Eliminations: Three Points
  • 5-6 Eliminations: Two Points
  • 3-4 Eliminations: One Point
  • Victory Royale and 7+ Eliminations: Two Point and $10,000
  • Most Eliminations in a Single Match: $25,000