Fortnite Season Six Overview

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Fortnite Season Six Overview

Dalton Layne, Staff Writer

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Fornites’ much anticipated season six launched last week, making now a perfect time to overview all the changes and upcoming changes as everyone is hoping back into the game.


  • Multiple weapons have been vaulted, including the suppressed smg, the light machine gun, bouncers, impulse grenades, and remote explosives (c4)
  • Introduction of shadow stones, which turn you invisible for 45 seconds, and allow higher speeds (at the cost of less invisibility), while also blocking use of your weapons and keeping you from building (shadow stones were removed shortly after launch, but are back in the game after some bug fixes)
  • Double barrel lovers take a hit this time, with the double barrels damage being reduced slightly, although it is still enough to make a difference.
  • Grappler charges have also been reduced to 10 uses from 15 uses
  • Multiple bugs have also been fixed as well.
  • Ice trap has introduced post season launch, when ran over, ice blocks will appear on your feet, allowing you to glide very fast downhill, but you will be unable to run and still be able to take fall damage, so be careful

Map changes:

  • The island in loot lake has risen up above the lake, with a vortex allowing access to the loot rich platform. The island has been slowly moving across the map to each of the new grey zones (corrupted areas)
  • Corrupted areas have been placed at all the old locations for the markings left by the cube, with usually around two chests per area, and also allow access to the shadow stones
  • Bringing new drop locations to the barren top left of the map, a castle has been added above Haunted Hills, though I doubt this will make this area of the map attractive enough to warrant many more drops there

Battle Pass:

  • Brand new challenges
  • New skins and other cosmetic items
  • Tier 100 unlocks the werewolf skin, keeping inline with other halloween additions this update.

Overall, this season has been received very well and the community is generally happy about the new additions and changes. Hop on and try out these changes for yourself!