Murder Mystery Pt. 3

A Short Story in Installments

Karon Williams, Staff Writer/Club Secretary

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Me: there’s something wrong with this blood. It has a more jelly like substance. But when you touch it turns into this weird water like substance. This is not regular. I’ve read all the books there is on blood and I’ve never heard of this before. Ill sample it and bring it back with me to the lab. Might be a weird chemical in it. Or maybe… I’ll think about it later. For now, let’s get back to investigating. The trail of blood leads the vents. I can check it out. But I don’t have the required gear. I’ll come back later and check it out. Ok then I guess I should probably wrap this up. I’ve gotten everything there is to get from here. So, my best lead would be this weird blood. I can’t stop thinking about it. there’s nothing that comes to mind when I think of a weird texture of blood. So… I’ll go to my lab and check it out.  

*1 hour later* 

Me: this makes no sense. I’ve done everything. DNA test. Chemical mixture. Reaction between two different products. And this can barely be said to be blood. If it wasn’t for the both the white cells and the rerd cells, it wouldn’t be blood. So, what can be said. It either have something to do with animals. Or some weird type of disease. It’s the only thing that comes to mind. So, I just got to wait until either another case comes up. Or the ageing of the blood brings something up. Wait. Animals!