Murder Mystery pt2 

Karon Williams, Staff Writer/Club Secretary

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*drives into front yard*  

Me: so, this is the famed mansion of Suzanna. Well let’s get this over with. 

*ding dong* 

*knock knock* 

Suzanna: coming  

*door opens* 

Suzanna: yes officer 

Me: Hello, I’m detective Conan. Are you Suzanna, the owner of this mansion? 

Suzanna: Yes, I am. Are you here for the investigation?  

Me: Yes, I am.  

Suzanna: Please, come in. 

Me: With pleasure… 

*walks into house*  

Me: Can you direct me to the scene of the crime scene? 

Suzana: Yes, I can. 


Me: So, this is the scene of the crime huh? Can you please leave the area? It’ll make it a lot easier to investigate if I’m by myself. 

Suzanna: Yes, I can. Good Luck. Detective. 

Me: Thank you.  

Everything’s just like it was written on the paper. Nothing weird at first glance. Let’s take a close look. There’re scratch marks on the wall above the window, but why? That’s doesn’t make any sense. Glass shouldn’t have done that… 

*writes down note*   

This blood is still fresh, but the color is weird. The color isn’t the same. There’s a weird shade of red in it. The basement is off limits to the regular cops. So, I’ll check that out. 

*walking down basement stairs*  

*flicks light*  

Doesn’t seem like anything wrong here. Let’s have a look in the back. OMG! There’s a knife back here. With some weird looking blood on it.