October Horrorscopes ;)

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October Horrorscopes ;)

Amethyst Lovemoon, Spiritualist

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Aries: Just let it all out. Show no mercy. It’ll be cathartic.
Taurus: taurus, luckily for you Venus entering retrograde on October 5 will not have a terribly dramatic effect on your life. Since Venus is your ruling planet, you probably already know slow and steady wins the race and therefore won’t be tempted to make rash decisions regarding your love life or finances.
Gemini: You’re gonna have a dangerous week, keep your eyes peeled for venomous snakes in the brush
Cancer: Do something new this week: cartwheels?
Leo: Leo, Give yourself a break. enjoy yourself while you can, You  never know what’s lurking in the bushes on blackstone and dakota. Also stop texting and driving.
Virgo: find time for self appreciation this week. take a bubble bath, do a facemask, a pay your respects to your virgo brethren Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz, and Mother Teresa.
Libra: Happy Libra season! everything is pointless and nothing matters. go crazy this weekend then isolate from the world for 36 days, or else the moon will slowly pull you apart.
Scorpio: Oil in your backyard. Go dig it up.
Sagittarius, you’ll go nowhere in life if you keep  up the same habits. Drop the attitude, and focus.
Capricorn: life is like a roller coaster, and you’re stuck at the back of the line. Put yourself ahead of others for once.
Aquarius: Aquarius your sign is known for its bold and unique nature! However Aquarius, try to be less impulsive when Venus is in retrograde starting October 5, Venus rules aesthetics and the romantic aspects of your life, so hold off on new relationships or radical appearance changes until November 16.
Pisces: temperatures spike once more before the fall chill rolls in. as a water sign you better stay out of the sun this week. beware the mighty star lest it deplete your aquatic energy.