Identity Theft

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Identity Theft

Zxavyan Santaella, Staff Writer

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Countless remnants of the future and the past float into my mind. It’s Déjà vu.  

A constant feeling of captivity, I felt it before and I’ll feel it again. 

Nothing more to really say, I don’t want to talk to people who instigate. 

I’m not one to be sentimental, but my feeling is mental. 

I’m not the person I had hoped to be I’m not myself. I’ve put my emotions up on my shelf. 

It feels like identity theft and who I am is the fraud that’s left. 

My indecision to conform has left me broken. I’m feeling misspoken. 

I wish to reform but now I’m marked with a uniform, one made by an incision. 

Careless for my issues, I don’t even want tissues. When thunder growls the lightning strikes  

Leaving the water electrified. I couldn’t help it if I tried.  

The feeling of betrayal left me blind to who I am inside and now I have nothing left to hide. 

When the thunder growls my feelings will dissipate. My skin will exasperate. 

My soul will evaporate, and I will have sealed my fate.