NBA Scouting Report

Drafting Hope

Daniel Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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As the NBA season is halfway through, some teams are already looking at their assets to trade before the deadline. However, some teams are also turning an eye towards young talent to draft during the off-season. A move that some teams should prioritize. Among those teams are the San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Miami Heat.

San Antonio has been a major threat to other teams for the last decade. However, there dominance has come to a halt as they struggle to remain consistent while there odds of being a serious playoff contender wither away. Therefore it should be in the Spurs’ greatest interest to draft some young players. Collectively, their players make up the sixth oldest team in the NBA. One big reason the Spurs should

plan for a rebuild is because three of their top five scorers are 33 years old. With increasing age comes a heightened risk of injury. And because they are top players on the team, this should sound off as a concern for the team. The Spurs have also suffered two losses from the retirement of Manu Ginobili and the departure of Tony Parker to the Hornets. Moreover, the team’s second highest scorer, Lamarcus Aldridge has had a history with injuries. From knee soreness to a sprained ankle. Therefore, it is intuitive for the team to prepare for a rebuild and draft some young players.











The Heat were once a dominant force in the league during Lebron’s reign in Miami. However, those days are long gone, and their current conditions don’t seem too bright. They are the third oldest team in the league. Their second leading scorer (Goran Dragić ) is 32 years old. Dwayne Wade who is 36 years old, is there third leading scorer this season. And the thing that should frighten Heat fans the most, is that he himself has announced that this will be his last season before he retires. So after this season, the team will need to substitute Wade’s value with another asset on the team. This all comes with the fact that the Miami Heat has been blessed with keeping those two players healthy. Any injuries to them, and the team would be without their second and third top scorers. Putting them in serious trouble even as they struggle to make the playoffs in their current state.



Last year they were in the NBA Finals, today they have the worst record in the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been having a dreadful season this year after suffering the loss of Lebron James to the Los Angeles Lakers last off-season. The condition of this team is far worse than any other in the league at the moment. Their best player (Kevin Love) is out for quite some time due to toe surgery. They have no valuable assets to trade with other teams. And they are the eighth oldest team in the NBA. Therefore, due to the team’s insurmountable unfortunate circumstances, they should prioritize draft selections over any other option if they want to rebuild into a solid team.