Top 10 Fortnite List

Kalani Richard, Staff Writer

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  1. Weapon Skins: Since Season 7, Fortnite has come out with some pretty cool weapon skins. My personal favorite is the disco skin because it looks like its diamond plated. Epic games have been saying they were going to put weapon skins in the game since season 3, now it’s season 7.
  2. Different Devices Fortnite’s Compatable on: You can play the game on pretty much any device. You can play the game on an android, iphone, playstation, xbox, and even an nintendo.
  3. Famous Streamers: Their are a lot of big streamers that play the game and make a lot of money. One of the biggest streamers out right now is “Ninja”. Their are also other big streamers like Tfue, Myth, Ghost Aydan, and Daquan.
  4. New Guns: Their is a huge selection of weapons in Fortnite that you can pick from. Their’s, smg’s, snipers, rocket launchers, assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and there’s even a sword.
  5. Transportation: There are many ways to get around the map faster than being on foot or using balloons. There are quadcrashers, golf carts, shopping carts, and airplane’s. The first ever vehicle put in the game was a shopping cart.
  6. Other Games Epic has Made: Epic is mainly known for the making of Fortnite and Gears of War. But they have made other games, such as Shadow Complex, Bulletstorm, Unreal Tournament, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (etc).
  7. Map Updates: In season 1 and 2 there was only about 11 areas on the map. Now there is about over 20 areas for players to land at on the map. You can go to a race track, landing zones for aiplanes, there’s even a haunted castle on a huge mountain.
  8. Easter Eggs: There are a couple of different easter eggs in the game. Every new season Epic places different easter eggs on the map to find out clues to the next season. There is also an endless rift on the snow side of the map, under a cabin.
  9. Creative Mode: Creative mode is made for players to do whatever they want whenever they want. The mode is just like Minecraft, you can, you have a phone to help you move things around, and you have an inventory that has every object in the game on it.
  10. Save the World:The mode allows you to fight zombies and protect a battle bus. You win v-bucks in battle royale from winning matches in save the world.