Why I Love RPG’s

Brayam Echeverria, Staff Writer

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I love RPG’s and I mean it. I would rather lose my two legs than not being able to enjoy Persona 5 and its school simulator. Now that’s a little on the extreme side, but I truly love RPG video games, and here are the reasons why: they have beautiful soundtracks , great characters, immersive stories, multiple hours of content, and unique combat systems.

As I mentioned before , many RPG games have beautiful soundtracks, the way they can change the atmosphere of the game and really immerse you into the story. I urge you to search up Skyrim’s soundtrack or Final Fantasy’s soundtrack and tell me they are not beautifully-constructed. Skyrim’s soundtrack in particular is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time in a video game because of how well it matches the setting that it is in. When you encounter thieves , bears , and Dragons, the music changes and plays a climactic strings and an amazing orchestra that really immerses you into the fight. And despite hearing them multiple times throughout the game, it never gets old.

Moving on , role-playing video games tend to have captivating and long stories , which make them great games to buy and play since most people wouldn’t want to spend 60 dollars on a game that barely has any content. Most Rpgs usually have 40-50 hours of main story content, while having multiple side quests that can add up to 10 to 20 more hours of gameplay . Some JRPG’s might be upwards of 80+ hours like the current game I am playing OctoPath Traveler. These long, immersive stories typically have deep, rich characters that you can really identify with and understand their in-game struggles.

The last reason I enjoy RPG’s is because of their unique combat systems. You have turned based battle systems and free roam battle systems. Turned Based RPGs give each character one attack per turn (think of pokemon if you have played the game before). Free Roam battle systems allows you to fight without using turns, think of Skyrim’s battle system. Both of these types of battle systems are really good because in the turn based system, you have more time to form a strategy and use the right moves in certain situations, at the cost of having a to wait each turn, while in free roam systems, you are more immersed in the fight , but there is not as much strategy involved and some fights you just swing a weapon around until the monster or enemy dies.

To end this, RPG games have been a worldwide phenomenon since they first began, with many saying that Role Playing Games are the best genre of video games there is. You have many beautiful games, such as The Elder Scrolls series, and Fallout Series, to the JRPG’s that Square Enix brings with their Final Fantasy series and Dragon Quest Series. Fun Fact : Because many people were skipping work and school to purchase a copy of Dragon Quest , Square Enix was forced to release their games on saturdays when people got off work. When Dragon Quest 3 was released, it sold 1 million copies in Japan on the first day! I remember my first RPG being Pokemon Sapphire and from then on, I was hooked into the world of RPG’s.

Here is a list of some RPG Games you should check out:

  • Dark Souls 3
  • The Witcher 3
  • Pokemon(Any Game except the Lets Go Series)
  • The Elder Scrolls:Skyrim
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Final Fantasy 6,8,10
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Persona 5
  • Octopath Traveler
  • Stardew Valley
  • Dragon Quest
  • And many more !!!