Tay K 

William Figueroa, Staff Writer

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Somewhat around June of 2016, Taymor Travon McIntyre or by his rapper name, “Tay K”, went to jail for things people thought they seemed him do or what they think he was involved with. Recently he been getting things added to his case and it’s not looking good for him. February 24, 2019, we will see if “Tay K’ is guilty or not and this will see if he is going to stay in jail or not. 

At age 16 he got a case involving with the death of Ethan Walker. They said at first all they were trying to rob the 21-year-old drug dealer. Tay k and several other people showed up to Ethan Walkers house as a woman was there, she let them in, and everything was going good and problems happened then Ethan Walker was shot and killed. After this situation at 16 years old he was put on house arrest for capital murder. He did not pull any triggers in the whole situation and just was involved.  

After all this Tay K decided to cut off his ankle monitor and run away. Before he did this to, he posted on “twitter” that he was leaving and said a lot more things. 3 months on being on the run he made a song and a music video called “The race”. He was talking about how he beat laws and doing other stuff. That same day that song “blew up”. But that exact same day he was found and took in an adult jail. He was found in New Jersey.  

After this he got another case. Another murder case of 23-year-old Mark Saldiva. He was believed to be seen at the scene. They said a group of people which Tay K was seen with them. They said they seen them robbing Mark in his car. Things were happening and they said a person in the passenger seat shot the man. Believed to be Tay K. Even after this he got another case of assaulting a 65-year-old man and trying to rob him. Then he got sued by the family of Mark Saldiva and were trying to get a million out of him. Then Tay K label got sued because he was making profits.  

It didn’t look good at all for Tay K. Tay K was denied a bond and the rumors of him getting a death penalty was not true. Then he was then found with things you could not have in jail. He was caught with a phone and was then sent to another jail which you only have 1 hour of gym time. Tay K case is on February 24 and it is to see if he is guilty or not.