The Sometin’

Karon Williams, Staff Writer

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Ryan walked through the door that the magic man had opened to him he couldn’t wait to see what treasures awaited him. Was it a chocolate filled room.or was it a valley of candy his mind filled with creative ideas of what it could be he rushed through the door.only to find it locked. Ryan gave everything for that door. Family, friends, personal belongings, even his humanity. He was devastated. His mind broke. He fell into total despair.


With no way to cope with it, he froze in awe. His thoughts clouded with nothing but how to open the door. He punched and punched at the door with only anger in his heart. Feeling betrayed by the magic man–until all of a sudden the door opened. He had an electric feeling coursing through his bones. He rushed through the door only to see a seen only imaginable. It was not a chocolate filled room. Nor a candy valley. What he saw was much worse.


The room was filled with blood and flesh. It was easy to tell that the chunks around the room were human cause they still had pieces of there eyes, limbs, and inards intact. He smelled this and instantly vomited. But he had no time to sit because he could hear someone moving. He tried to run back out the door, but it was locked. He seen from the corner of his eye that there was another door to his right. The door was slightly cracked open. As Ryan slowly walked over, he could see a dark silhouette creeping up to him. He jumped in fear of what was coming for him. And as fast as his body would take him, jumped under a table.


The dark silhouette walked into a room, looked around as if searching for something and stopped. He felt every nerve in his body freeze. And as if it knew exactly where he was, slowly turned its head toward ryan. It had a sinister, beaten face. And a lifeless emotion was resting upon its face. It formed a creepy grin and stood there. Their eyes met and Ryan felt the entity stare into his soul. Ryan could do nothing but pray to god. But his prayers were not gonna reach the heavens in the god forsaken place. It had a walk as if it was mangled as it slowly came to ryan. Tears ran down his face. He knew he had no chance against it. So he accepted his fate. The silhouette came face to face with ryan. In thats second the entity picked Ryan up by the head. Before Ryan realized it, it was dark.