BigHit Ent. introduces new Kpop boy group

Ocean Torres, Staff Writer

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BTS’ company, BigHit, Ent has confirmed that they would soon be debuting a new boy group !! The company had first mentioned plans of debuting a new group towards the end of 2018 but never gave a specific date as to when.

Rumors began to spread 8th of January when ARMY’s, fans of the group BTS, had noticed an unlisted link on the company’s website labeled as “coming soon…”. Unsure of what what the link had meant , people went to twitter to spread the news and share their theories, biggest one being ; BTS is having a comeback (aside from currently being on tour), trending the hashtag “#BTSIsComing” on twitter at number one.

The following morning, the company uploaded this post on twitter with the caption

“ What do you do? What do you see?”

along with the same link that was discovered the night before. With the help of an ARMY, it was discovered that once inspecting the tweet ,  the company had left a hint of the new boy group in the source code.

News spread like wildfire leaving many fans, like myself, excited. This meant that this would finally be the second group signed under that label,  accompanying BTS, since 2013. It also meant that we would most likely get amazing new songs for the boy group produced by the members of BTS (RM,and SUGA).  The company had confirmed that the group name would be TXT, meaning

‘Together x Tomorrow’ ,

And even described the TXT  boys as a ‘bright’ and ‘youthful’ group with a special ‘synergy’.

On January 10th , the company has introduced their first member through a short  introduction video on youtube

However bighit decided to make the video(s) more interesting by adding what seems to morse code at the end of the members videos,  that can are made out to spell

‘D R E A M I N G’

Because of this, fans believe that TXT will also have a ‘mind blowing’ concept and their own alternate universe storyline similar to BTS and their Bangtan Universe storyline.

So far four of the rumored 5-6 group members have been announced. The first being ChoiYeonjun  (January 10th), Choi Soobin (Jan 13th), Huening Kai (January 15th) and just a couple of days later (January 17th) TaeHyun was revealed.

Debut date for the boys has still not been announced but they are said to make their first appearance end of January on the broadcasting app. You can find more information about the group on their official website: