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At this point, I am sure everyone knows that the NFL is coming to a conclusion with the super bowl appearing February 3rd. Whether or not you are a Patriots fan or a Rams fan; something tells me that no one is excited for this super bowl. This could be because the Patriots made it to the Bowl 3 years in a row. Or it could be the fact that neither of the teams deserve to be there. When I say this it is because of how you would hear everyone complaining about the end results of the playoffs. In a way no one would know what to believe because when fans get mad their team lost they say irrational things and start fabricating about the game and what should have been the outcome.

I am just going to guess and say everyone has had their fair share of ‘‘WTF’’ moments that became the reason their favorite team lost. I would be lying if I said my team never cheats, but since we live in a very hostile society opinions get harsh. Now obviously everyone thinks the Patriots cheat, with that being said, they are my favorite team. Before you call me a bandwagon; know that I started watching football when I was 6 and at that time my favorite wide receiver was Randy Moss who was traded to the Patriots in 2007 so they became my favorite team even when he left I just stuck with them ever since. With that concrete information that does not mean I am biased either. If I were to be honest there were times where people would point out times the patriots cheated and even though deep down in my soul i did not want it to be true, I had to side with them because I can not just simply deny facts.

Chuck Cook
Jan 20, 2019; New Orleans, LA, USA; Los Angeles Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman (23) breaks up a pass intended or New Orleans Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis (11) during the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship game at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone constantly bashes the patriots for cheating and usually this would result in other teams cheating and the NFL just overlooking it. I know that just this image alone leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. There is nothing better to describe it; except it is rigged! It is by my judgement to say that every team in the NFL cheats, some you notice more and some you don’t at all because maybe the team just isn’t that good and nobody really cares. Just the thought of the NFL being rigged makes it less enjoyable and just annoying to watch. Legit can’t watch a game now and not get annoyed that there was a flag called on something stupid and to know that the NFL isn’t a game of who played better football anymore. It is now a game of who paid the refs more.