Which NBA team has the most promising future

Daniel Rodriguez Salinas, Staff Writer

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Cristian “Alright, Imma choose the Sacramento Kings. De’aaron Fox is a really good up and coming point guard. Buddy Hield is also a really good up and coming shooting guard. And their bench is starting to look pretty good…especially Bogdanovic. He’s probably one of the best six men in the league right now.”
Brayam “Alright, so I think the team with the most promising future, right now… is the Warriors. You know, the Warriors are still really good. They have starters like in Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, and you know they’re gonna be there for a long time. So I feel like their future is just barely beginning, and they’re just gonna improve as they go on.”
Saeed “I personally think the Lakers got the best future. They have four potential stars, they might sign Anthony Davis, they already got the best player in the world in LeBron. And they’re already past on track…they might win a championship next year.”