TigerTalks: Fortnite

Kahlani Richard, Staff Writer

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When was the first time you ever played the game?

I started playing since around season  -Eduardo, Grade 9

How was your first experience of the game?

 It was okay but I stopped  playing after the first time. -Lily, Grade 9

  If you play the game, where is your favorite place to land at?

      Salty Springs. -Jose Nava

  Do you think the game downgraded or upgraded?

      I think the game a big downgrade. -Ahllani R

 Who is your favorite streamer?

      My favorite streamer is Ninja because he is so aggressive and unstoppable. -Kahlani, Grade 9

Do you still play the game after the new updates?

      Yes. -Estevan

Would you play any other games that were made by epic company?

No, I never even played Fortnite – Danielle


Do you consider yourself a good player?

I’m a really good player. Akira


Do you play on playstation, xbox, phone, etc.

 I play on xbox, add me Snagging2raw. – Javaughn.

Do you play save the world mode?

    No. Brenda, Grade 9