Top NFL Draft Busts

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Top NFL Draft Busts

ZDG, Staff Writer

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Johnny manziel

Jonathan sullivan

Vince Young


JaMarcus Russell……………

Definition of draft busts


       Most people heard of these names, but a lot of people don’t have a clue who any of these players are. It says a lot since these guys were all first round talents that just didn’t perform at the level they were hyped up for.


First we have Johnny Manziel; who was drafted by the Cleveland browns in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft. At Texas A&M he was named the Texas player of the year, also becoming the first freshmen player to win the cotton bowl. Johnny Manziel won the Heisman trophy in 2012 and was considered for 2013. Entering the NFL he was highly classified as a first round talent and was bound for glory. When he entered the NFL Johnny didn’t start at first he sat on the bench when he got his first start he did well so they decided to keep him in. But he only ended up playing nine games before his personal life started to take a toll on him, being indicted for domestic violence and released he would never start on an NFL team again and ended up taking his talents to the CFL where he doesn’t really shine either.


Next we have Jonathan Sullivan. The saints in 2003 were in need of a talented defensive front. So in 2004 that’s what they focused on in the draft. With the 6th overall pick being Jonathan Sullivan many fans weren’t happy about it but the coaches knew it was what they needed. In college Sullivan was a very good defensive lineman being able to attack the ball and get to the qb in clutch moments. Unfortunately for the saints none of that showed up when he played. Sullivan only started 26 games in 3 seasons , 12 coming from his rookie year. Sullivan was just unable to produce plays let alone stay healthy. He was then traded to the New England Patriots but they released him soon after. Sullivan would never start on a NFL team again or even play another down.

Vince Young; yet another promising prospect coming out of college. Vince was taken in the 2006 draft , as the 3rd pick overall. The titans had very high hopes for him. Despite throwing more interceptions than touchdowns his career was booming at first leading to several 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives. With those feats it was enough to award him with a trip to the pro bowl.  His career regressed from that point with him just throwing 9 touchdowns to 17 interceptions in his second season. I mean in 2009 he was named to another pro bowl with having the titans go 8-2 as a starter. But after that he was just unable to perform at the level the titans expected him to. Next few years he bounced around NFL teams before signing to a team in the CFL. He was cut before ever starting in a game.


Next we have RGlll. Personally I don’t like his name even coming up as a draft busts because I think he’s still a really good qb. Can’t deny career though, he was drafted in the 2012 draft taken 2nd overall. His rookie season he went off ending it with a pro bowl appearance also winning OROTY(offensive rookie of the year). After; his career went downhill not the fact that he was unable to produce at a high level it’s just being a dual threat qb he was bound to have injuries. Signing with the browns only playing in 5 games where he didn’t do bad but ended in him taking a shoulder injury. Later signing with the ravens where he sits backup waiting for his chance to start. In my opinion if RGlll were to stay healthy he would be a great system qb, but him being injury prone he gets overlooked and no one really wants to risk taking him. Then again the ravens got two great qb’s already , but if I had to say I believe RGlll should start on other teams that are in need of a qb.


Finally we have Jamarcus Russell. JaMarcus Russell was regarded as a “can’t miss prospect” being the total package they raiders hoped they’ll get. He was taken 1st overall in the 2007 NFL draft with scouts envisioning him developing into a superstar with the ability to just torch defenses. Uhh it just didn’t happen was a big let down and just a huge waste of a draft pick. With him only competing 52.1% of his passes he was quickly released by the raiders. Obviously he tried numerous comebacks, but with that kind of performance not too many teams were interested so he never started on a team again. Don’t believe me? He is named number 1 on the biggest draft busts in the past 15 years. NFL just wasn’t for him.


What do almost all of these have in common? There all qb’s! I know it’s not easy to be a great qb in the NFL, but it’s not hard to be a good one? Some people are hyped up to much and the pressure of trying to perform and meet that expectation gets to a lot of people I get it, but again it just goes to show scouting doesn’t mean anything and the greatest players are usually the ones overlooked. Cough cough* Tom Brady.