6ix9ine Denied Bail 

William Figueroa, Staff Writer

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If you didn’t know 6ix9ine the rapper is still sitting in jail right now. He was expecting to get a bail in the month of January. But the judge didn’t let it happen and now 6ix9ine still awaits in jail hoping for a better hearing his next court date. As we know right now his next court date is February 20th. That means 6ix9ine would not be able to talk to a judge for a month and he will stay in jail for even longer. We know he tried to offer his whole bank which holds over a million dollars but that made it suspicious to see that he would offer his whole bank. Everyone that we evicted with 6ix9ine didn’t get a bail. The whole “Treyway”, or the people who are involved with Treyway that got locked up with 6ix9ine didn’t get out or a bail. We got this little bit of information all from Billy Ado who is also associated with Treyway reported all this on Instagram. Even with the problems with the colorful rainbow hair rapper he still said what happen and said when their next trial is going to be.  

6ix9ine plead that he wasn’t guilty to some charges which is why he is in jail right now. He plead not guilty to federal racketeering and firearms charges. That’s what got him all in this trouble. When he was later talking to the judge, he said that he was not affiliated with Treyway and he was a rapper and he was doing that all for the game. He was spotted with them so many times when they were illegally doing stuff like drug dealing. But it looked like he was just there just because. Even though 6ix9ine can still do jail time just because he was there at that situation.