Who is your MVP ?

Cristian Martinez, Staff Writer

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One of the most enjoyable things to do every NBA season is to argue for who we deem worthy of the title of the NBA MVP. The Most Valuable Player award is very important when looking back at a player’s career and legacy and where they will rank in history. Every MVP in NBA history has made it into the Naismith Hall of Fame.

I have decided to ask a couple of students at Edison on who they believe their MVP is for the 2018-2019 season so far. He are their opinions and their reasoning.

Name Player Reason
David Perez Jr. (Senior) Giannis Antetokounmpo “ Giannis is easily the best player on one of the best teams on the NBA. He is averaging 27 points with 13 rebounds on 58% shooting, which shows how dominant he is. Also he is the best defender on the best defensive team in the league, also making him a contender for Defensive Player of the Year. ”
John Bryant (Senior) Klay Thompson “ I think Klay Thompson is MVP because of his ability to adapt to other people’s playstyles. He is one of the best shooters of all time. When it comes to two-way wing players, Klay is easily top 5. When he was asked to have a reduced role when both Kevin Durant and Demarcus Cousins joined, he accepted it with little resistance, unlike other players. ”
Alexander Malos (Freshman) Buddy Hield “ Buddy Hield is one of the best shooters this season. The Kings have made a huge jump this season and Buddy Hield is a big reason for that jump. He is also the most improved player in my opinion. If not for Buddy Hield, the Sacramento Kings, aka my favorite team in the league, would not have won as many games. For example, he had an epic buzzer against the Pistons. If Buddy Hield is not an all NBA player, I will be disappointed.”