Top Ten List of 2018 Movies (WARNING-May Contain Spoilers)

David Mercado, Staff Writer

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Avengers: Infinity War- Marvel Studios superhero movie with the Avengers easily took first place as the most popular movie with the 149 minutes of superhero action against the incredibly overpowered Thanos who is accompanied by his journey to gather all Infinity Stones. It is the Avengers goal to stop him from destroying half the Universe’s population.

BlacKkKlansman- This movie is based on a real-life story in which a man of color manages to live a sort of double life and join the KKK Klan without being caught in order to hear more about them and their plans against the Black Panthers, While doing this he also manages to incorporate himself into the Black Panthers while dating one of the leaders. With Black History Month coming up it is sure to move up in popularity.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout- Like any other Tom Cruise film this one was sure to captivate popularity and gain many viewers with the action scenes it contains. Along with former characters from mission impossible movies Ethan Hunt goes on another race against time.

The Hate You Give- This movie is about a sort of hate crime committed against the main character’s best friend. Starr witnesses a police officer shoot down her childhood friend and ends up feeling the need to do what is right in order to make right from her friend’s murder.


Upgrade- This is a movie that foresees the future and what technology will do to many. Not only does it sum up the terrible aspects but how sometimes it must be relied on such as the protagonist Grey who has to rely on a computer chip called STEM.

Searching- The movie reveals the story of a father and a daughter like none other. Every parent has a unique relationship with their kids. Whether they are close or not so much, In this case, we realize that this father, although he loved his daughter very much and was a good parent, he still failed to keep track of his daughter’s actions. The movie will show the struggles a father goes through in order to track down his missing daughter.


Creed II-Like all Rocky movies, Creed II continues to tell us the story that Rocky lives through after his boxing career and how now he is a trainer like no other. Not only does he have the experience to know what he is up against but he also has the willpower to get through it all even when battling with cancer. If that doesn’t seem to amount to a lot he is also having to train his former best friends son who believes he has what it takes to make it large in the world of boxing.


Deadpool 2- Deadpool, the superhero, continues to have his comical adventures and you better believe that he comes back better than ever compared to the prequel. There is just a large problem at hand, like in any superhero movie. But nonetheless Deadpool along with help of other young superheroes is able to fight it off in an action-packed film that nobody should miss unless they are under the age of 13.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: This new Spider-Man movie is not even closely related to any of the previous ones. It shows how all the Spider-Men, all from different universes ended up working together in order to destroy the collider. In order to go back to their normal/abnormal lives that they used to live in their own universe, they end up having to make sense of a strange encounter between them all and find a way to make things right again.

Bohemian Rhapsody- This is the revolutionary story of Freddie Mercury. He is a member of Queen. Actually he was the lead singer who helped them progress and become a well known American entertainer. He came up with many iconic songs of the past that gained him tons of