Top 10 Best Kpop songs of 2019


Ocean Torres, Staff Writer


2019 has been an amazing year already for kpop fans all over with many groups, old and new, releasing so much good music, but these ten songs have taken over not only music charts but my heart as well.


  • Chungha,  Gotta Go


Chungha starts the list with this gem of a song titled Gotta Go and even topped BillBoard Korean charts leaving the song at number one for several weeks. This concept was way different from what she has put out in the past and it remains my current favorite song.


The new JYP girl group,ITZY,  made their debut with their song DALLA DALLA this Sunday (Feb10) and even made a YouTube record for 14 million views in 24 hours for a debut song. The song gives off a fiesty and energetic vibe with quick shift tempos including genres such as  hip-hop breakdowns appearing throughout the song.



  1.  3. Kim Taehyung, Scenery

Kim Taehyung also known as, V, from the group BTS perfected and released this beautiful gem on the 30th of January. The slow-tempoed song topped the soundcloud charts with 5.95million streams in the first 24 hours since it was released. #LEGEND

  1. 4. Seventeen, Home

The 13 member released their EP You Make My Dawn with the title track song ‘Home’ on (January 21st). The songs “expresses the desire to present comfort to a loved one who has brightened the day when one was still in darkness.” Everything about this song is amazing, the message, visuals and video are what put it at number four on my list.



ATEEZ, rookie k-pop group has just debuted in less than 6 months but have already topped both international and korean music charts. I was most excited about this song since teasers were released and it has not let me down.


  1. CLC, NO

The queens CLC are back and did not come to play ! the group released a very ‘runway’ type song titled NO along with their EP No.1 on Jan 30th. The album is currently the highest debut on this week’s World Albums chart and even got the group their very first, and well deserved music trophy on the SBS MTV music show “The Show”.

  1. Cherry Bullet , Q&A

The newly debuted kpop girl group, Cherry Bullet, released their first single “Q&A” and entered Billboard‘s World Digital Song Sales chart the same week at No. 17 on the charts. The song is really catchy and energetic and the music video is just as fun !!


ATEEZ managed to get back on list after releasing their music video for Say My Name. The group’s song displays ATEEZ’S signature bass drops, soaring vocals and fiery rap all into an equal proportion.

9.ONEUS, Valkyrie

ONEUS is a new rookie kpop group that just debuted on January 9th. The group’s dark dynamic concept managed to catch my attention. The song gives a very fun ‘EDM/pop’ feel and it leaving fans and myself very excited for the group and future music they will be releasing.


  1. ASTRO, All Night

And last but certainly not least, ASTRO ends the list with their song All Night. After being gone for a year these boys ditched their cute concept for a more seductive look. The group pulls off the soulful dance track and music video’s elegant fairy concept so well.