Why Do We Even Have Spring Break?

Tiffany Vang, Staff Writer

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When spring comes around most people are excited for flowers blooming, weather warming up, and many other things. But not I! When it comes to spring, the only thing that I am excited for is.. SPRING BREAK! Going into spring of 2019 I was told to come up with something to write about for the upcoming season. I always loved going on my spring break, but I never really knew why we even had a break. Why do we have a whole entire week off? Now let me be clear, I am most definitely not complaining! I love breaks, who doesn’t?! But really, why do we students get to have a whole week off? How did Spring break even start?

According to Mentalfloss.com they state “As far back as history has been recorded, people have celebrated the arrival of Spring-including the ancient Greeks and Romans, who were all about self-indulgence.” I think that’s super cool! To think of them having fun, and taking breaks to mentally piece back together. But another reason why we have spring break is because of this amazingly huge pool that was built in 1928 on Florida grounds. Apparently it was where a hit movie called Where The Boys Are .

Aside from the history of spring break, I think that it is a really important and needed. It gives us students time to come back together from dealing with an unreasonable amount of stress. And I am sure is the same for Teachers and Professors. Now that spring break is coming up, let us all relax, have a safe time, and most importantly, GO CRAZY! Have fun, and as always be safe!!